HIFU Treatments Cheltenham – Why HIFU?

As our face ages, we lose fat, and collagen production slows. The framework of our faces slackens like a hammock in our face structure. At one time surgery was the only thing to lift the face. However, now we have Radiofrequency and HIFU all which can help hugely.

At Cheltenham facials and therapies we use the Ultra former HIFU, which has clinical studies to back it up. (Many machines do not have any genuine science behind them and will not deliver excellent results, which is why there are mixed reviews on HIFU)

HI-FU high intensity focussed ultrasound is non-invasive and heats the skin tissues at different depths. Over time, the face will look fresher and lifted.

Can it replace facelifts?

I have seen some excellent results, but it can vary with people ranging from subtle to a more significant face lift result. HIFU is ideal for people over 35 with mild-to-moderate skin laxity. With HiFu it is always good to set realistic expectations, as unlike say tixel for example, which is pretty much consistent on everyone, HIFU is not generally. Results take time 3-4 months to see as new collagen grows, and in doing so tightens skin. Results to vary from person to person, I believe in being totally honest in the consultation. Whilst some people can have an incredible lift and look years younger fairly quickly, other people take longer or need more treatments to respond.

Why Ultra former HIFU?

HiFu is very much on trend right now. We were very particular about choosing the right machine. When researching the Ultra former HiFu device as it came out as the same results as the Gold standard industry leading device, Ultherapy. With the same clinical outcomes, plus our HIFU treatment is much cheaper. Thus it made sense to choose the Ultra former system.

To truly get a younger face one thing alone does not always do it, combination treatments are the answer. For example, tixel for skin texture, wrinkles, eyes or smokers lines. A product or peel to brighten the skin, and HiFu or Radiofrequency to shape and tone.

My approach is very often combination treatments, so, for example. I may do a relaxing vitamin infusion facial, incorporating some lifting with heat, like Radiofrequency or infra-red-LED combo, and also a little tixel under the eyes.

This is what I love about the aesthetics industry today, of course we can enjoy a facial. However, we have now the devices and technology to get real and lasting results, for the ultimate non-surgical face lift. My aim with facials is to have the entire lovely feel of a spa facial. But with the clear results of a more Medi-treatment or facial.