Skin Rejuvenation Cheltenham – Skin ageing and how to reverse it.

Pre-maturely aged skin is a thing I see a lot in my Cheltenham skin clinic and it’s usually caused by sun damage and smoking or indeed both. When people think of an aged skin, we can imagine leathery texture, deep wrinkles, not just around the eyes but “smokers” lines around the mouth too. The skin quality can either become thick and leathery or thin and translucent like tissue paper.

Added onto that can be the effects of outside elements, like sun damage manifested in pigmentation spots, or “farmers” cheeks, covered in tiny red veins or rosacea. Even extreme skin damage as I just described can be helped by creating a clear canvas. We do this by removing red and the brown, and then tackling the texture, and the wrinkles.

Of course no one can stop the ageing process, but we certainly can do a lot to reverse it.

Skin Rejuvenation

I recommend Tixel for lines and wrinkles. Tixel is the new gold standard and latest resurfacing treatment to dramatically reduce lines; it can even treat right next to the lash line. Plastic surgeons are now replacing some of their eye lift surgery procedures with Tixel instead. Results can be dramatic and can take up to 10 years off the skin, all non-invasive, no needles, no surgery.

Another thing that gets significant results on aged skin is RED light therapy and laser work or IPL work for both pigments or red veins. The Red light LED is the only treatment in the world where you lie under a canopy of lights, eyes closed, relax whilst the light goes really deep into the skin, and gives all the skin cells a huge boot camp workout! This results in plumper skin, where all the new collagen has been produced.

Hero Products

My hero products would be hyaluronic acid, the skin’s lubricant. By the time we are 60, we have only 10% left. Also, vitamin C anti-oxidant taken as a serum for brightening and strengthening the skin. Vitamin A or retinol also encourages the skin cells to turnover a little faster. (They become sluggish as we age) and finally a good everyday use SPF for protection.

Rejuvenation Treatments

As our face ages we lose fat, and collagen production slows, and the framework of our faces slackens like a hammock in our face structure. At one time surgery was the only thing to lift the face. However, now we have Radiofrequency and HIFU all which can help hugely.


I use the Ultraformer HIFU, which has clinical studies to back it up. HI-FU high intensity focussed ultrasound is non-invasive and heats the skin tissues at different depths. Over time, the face will look fresher and lifted.

Skin Rejuvination Cheltenham

Can HIFU replace face lifts? I have seen some excellent results, but it can vary with people ranging from subtle to a more significant result. HIFU is ideal for people over 35 with mild-to-moderate skin laxity.

Cheltenham Skin Rejuvenation

My approach is very often combination treatments, so, for example, I may do a relaxing vitamin infusion facial. I incorporate this with some lifting with heat, like Radiofrequency or infra-red-LED combo, and maybe a little tixel under the eyes.

This is what I love about the aesthetics industry today, of course we can enjoy a facial. However, we have now the devices and technology to achieve real and lasting results, for the ultimate non-surgical face lift. My aim with facials is to have the entire lovely feel of a spa facial, but with the results of a more Medi-treatment or facial.

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