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Non-surgical facelift in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire

Sonia Norman in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire offers a full non-surgical facelift to clients requiring help.

What is a non-surgical facelift?

Well, it can be many things, it can be what they call a liquid facelift. This uses a combination of Botox and filler injections. It can be a thread lift, where a barbed thread is used to lift the face.

Or it is a series of innovative treatments that stimulate the collagen to create a gentle natural lifting effect, which is my preference, always!

For me personally, though I am not against any of the above done well and done subtly. I find I get the best results by using the very latest technology to create a natural lift. I also work on the idea also of prevention. We cannot stop the ageing process, but we can certainly put it back a few years, and slow up the ageing acceleration.

I am lucky that my 16 years in medical aesthetics, as a specialist trainer of non-surgical devices and skincare has really given me a true insight to exactly what is the best, and what really gets results and why.

So I have cherry picked my top “does what it says on the tin” skin treatments…..

These devices you will find in most of Harley St and the superb London top medical, aesthetic skin clinics.

I love to give a facial that feels pampering and relaxing, spa like. However, most Medi-facials just don’t feel like relaxing, they feel clinical and sometimes uncomfortable. Thus I like to try where possible to combine both the feel of a spa facial but with serious results you can see.

Let’s look at micro-needling for example – It’s a great treatment, if you have a good device in which to make the tiny injuries or holes in the skin, (but it can be uncomfortable) and better still if you understand your skincare, and are putting really cutting edge sterile meso-therapy topical products into the skin.

I love to do a cocktail of vitamins A, Retinol, Vitamin C, Hyaluronic acids and even skin growth factors to boost the skin and get the skins’ radiance and bounce back. So I use instead a lovely ultrasound device, that delivers all the results without the pain. No needle meso-therapy.

Tixel also does mesotherapy, but offers the most advanced type of micro needling in the world, with a superior result, super fast and what’s more the products stay in the skin for up to 6 hours. Normal micro-needling the holes close up quickly. Tixel Meso the holes or channels stay open so you can give the skin more special skin products longer, and directly into the skin. Stunning fresh results, and with no downtime!

So what is the answer?

The answer is for me, personalised individual high tech, Medi-facials that are individually tailored to that specific persons’ skin, get dramatic results you can see and results that can improve with time.

I will often mix up different technologies and ideas to create a special layering non-surgical facial, that combines several things. These high-tech layering facials are very on-trend right now in London. Offering the ultimate no knife facelift, I offer my layering facial creations but at approximately half the price charged by practitioners in London.

I use Radiofrequency to stimulate collagen, give the skin a subtle lift, I use red light in many treatments, as it is the only non-touch device that stimulates collagen, and physically gives the skin cells a huge workout, resulting in plumper clearer skin.

My Hero treatments or devices are using really top end, researched and proven futuristic skincare products. For example, as a trainer I go to all the aesthetic medical conferences and am always keeping on top of what is new and exciting. Most of my clients are Doctors and dermatologists so I am always learning about new trends and what really works.

I love the idea now of what a true Medi-facial or non-surgical facial can do. Using HI-FU to sculpt and redefine a jawline. And radiofrequency to lift and create collagen renewal, hence keeping ageing at bay. A good Medi-facial can also take all the red and brown off the face, revealing a clear canvas. We can do this with good lasers and IPL’S for example. For me it’s all about subtle but significant results. Including skin that looks clearer, blooming, wrinkles that are softened, a face that looks more lifted. Regular “treatments” and non-surgical style facelifts and Medi-facials are I believe the way forward. I like to look natural but as good as I can for my age, with a face that moves, and skin that looks really fresh.

I also have the crème de la crème which is Tixel, which is so exciting as it’s proven to replace eye lift surgery, take away wrinkles and crepyness right into the tear trough of the eye, help with deep lines, scarring, necks lower face and smokers lines, media. Tixel is in my years of working in my industry the most exciting technology I have ever seen. See my Tixel page for how it works and before and after pictures.

For a natural facelift and ten years younger look and skin, that can all be achieved with my combinations treatments and high-tech facials. It is also good to know that as opposed to a facial at a spa which may feel like heaven and smell beautiful. These Medi-facials can promise longer-lasting results, and if used in combination with some things mentioned above. The treatments will carry on working for weeks after you have had the facial.

My ultimate non-surgical facial/facelift menu offering

The latest FDA approved CE marked, clinically studied Transformer HI-FU for more permanent face lifting results 1-2 years

  • Viora Radiofrequency for face and body lifting and tightening for regular top-ups to gently lift and firm.
  • NDYAG LASERS and IPL’s by Viora (top worldwide medical range) for veins and pigmentation.
  • Tixel for younger skin, eyes, hands and neck, dramatic results, this lasts for 1-2 years.
  • Red light LED therapy from Rejuvalight and Smartlux.
  • Intraceuticals for the must-have Red carpet or wedding facial
  • Diamond tip micro-dermabrasion.

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