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Radiofrequency Treatments in Cheltenham

Radiofrequency may be the answer for you if you are concerned about wobbly bits on your body, cellulite, fat around the middle, or back. It is the ideal choice if you have started to see sagging on face, and you need some collagen stimulation and general gentle lifting. Radiofrequency is very often ideal for maintenance and prevention of sagging areas. This treatment is a perfect prevention treatment.

We clearly cannot stop the ageing clock, but this will slow it up!

The treatment is not the same as plastic surgery in results; however, results are what I would call subtle but significant; a gentle tightening and smoothing over time.

Do you have cellulite or post-pregnancy loose skin? Or skin that has lost its youth and needs tightening?

I now offer proven technology using the Viora Reaction Radiofrequency system which works on face and body and works for volume reduction for areas like thighs, bottoms and tummies.

Look years younger, increase your confidence with Radiofrequency tightening and vacuum suction for areas with more fat.

Radiofrequency is ideal for anyone between the early ’30s to 65 years of age. It treats skin laxity as well as crepey or thin wrinkly skin.

More results than a traditional facial. For excellent body contouring and body confidence, the radiofrequency can really help. It is also great for under the eyes, and fatty eye bags.

This treatment is safe for everyone, of all skin colours, we do not treat over areas where there is metal in the body. A full consultation will be carried out and medical care forms completed prior to treatment.

Viora Reaction Radiofrequency for both body & face areas. It is a CE marked medical device with FDA approval for improving slack skin & cellulite.

Radiofrequency is a flexible treatment and is used on many areas, to suit almost everyone.

Radiofrequency for Cellulite reduction

Over 90% of women suffer from cellulite and though it can be improved somewhat with careful diet, exercise and workouts. Sadly, it can be dispiriting as often it will not go away even when all of these things are done. This can be so disheartening for so many women and affect confidence.

At Cheltenham facials and therapies we offer a brilliant solution; that really can improve the look of cellulite, the skin will appear smoother and firmer.

The treatment works by using radiofrequency energy at 39-40 degrees, to heat the volume of fat and cellulite, whist the vacuum suction works by stimulating the circulation and lymphatic drainage.

The fatty deposits melted away* , it should feel like a hot stones massage with suction.

For cellulite, we recommend a course of 8 treatments, 1 week apart. It requires maintenance every 4-6 months after completion of the treatment course. Results vary slightly between people, but generally, there is a good smoothing of the area. Some can notice excellent results after 3 treatments, whilst with others, it may take longer.

Radiofrequency for Body contouring

This treatment uses both radiofrequency heat-waves and vacuum suction therapy to breakdown the fat cells. The RF heating works deep down to stimulate and remodel collagen, resulting in fat reduction and overall body smoothing and tightening.
After treatment, the skin is more defined, whilst the collagen boost means prolonged tightening in the skin over time.

radiofrequency body treatments Cheltenham

Areas that can be successfully treated are stomach, hips, and tops of arms, knees and back fat pads.

Radiofrequency will effectively encourage new collagen growth, which will provide a slimmer more contoured look.

This type of Viora RF * (radiofrequency) is more advanced than many systems as it has 3 modes of RF shallow for skin tightening only, medium and deep for large fatty areas. Which means better targeting of areas and more reliable outcomes.

For Body, we recommend a course of 6 -10 treatments, dependent on areas and amount of volume. Treatment would be every 2-3 weeks, with Maintenance as per cellulite treatment.

Radiofrequency for Face Lifting & skin tightening

One of the biggest signs of ageing is when everything starts to droop on our skins. I often look with envy at beautiful bouncy plump skin of 18- 25-year-olds, and think how youth is wasted on the young, and how we take those things for granted when we are so young!

Face Skin Tightening with Radiofrequency

The hammock or structure of the face loses its framework, and also we lose fat off the cheeks, and jowls appear and skin loses its elasticity.

So injury to heal treatments really are the answer, anything to stimulate that collagen. I use a mix of things from Growth factors to LED light therapy.

Radiofrequency will not give a non-surgical facelift in terms, of looking near a surgery result, and this is a shame, but it’s the truth.

However, what RF* facials will do is prevention by gently heating tissues and over time the skin will look tighter and fresher.

I love that this device can target hard to reach areas like eye bags, fat pads under eye, crows feet and nasal labial folds.

Think of it as a subtle lifting and tightening over time to prevent and maintain the ageing process.

Before and After Photos

Radiofrequencey Before and After

Posterior, Thighs and Buttocks.



Skin tightening

Peri oral





Neck & Jowl

Neck and Jowl