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Cheltenham Facials & Therapies specialise in skin treatments in a lovely skin clinic. Our treatments are all bespoke & individually tailored to suit your skin issue. No two facials are the same. We offer a boutique service, included in every skin treatment is a proper skin assessment, to help you choose the right treatment for your skin.

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We treat ageing skin, eye rejuvenation, rosacea, acne, acne scarring, plus offer many more skin treatments for face & body.

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We specialise in treating all skin types, including darker skin.

Tixel Cheltenham

Tixel – Medical Skin Resurfacing Treatments

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Tixel Ablative resurfacing is the gold standard to resurface the skin. Ideal for wrinkles, sun damage, sagging eyes, skin can be up to 5 years younger, results last 1-2 years. Also excellent for acne scars, and coarse or fine texture skins. Book A Treatment.

Bespoke Med-Facials

Facials Menu

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THIS is the Ultimate MEDI FACIAL BESPOKE- it means we personalise it exactly for your skin type and issues. We use cosmeceutical medical grade products plus state-of-the-art devices like zero gravity face lifting, ultrasound, skin smoothing plus LED red /blue light therapy. Luxurious and personalised using top-notch skin care and equipment, it’s science and innovation to get maximum results, but will feel super relaxing. Book A Treatment.

Eye Treatments

Eye Treatments

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Tixel eyes upper and lower eye resurfacing, for lifting upper eye and helping freshen eye area and tear trough, takes years off eyes lasts 1-2 years. Dramatic eye youth treatment, which is great to reduce saggy eye skin, crows feet and wrinkles or ageing in the tear trough. Book A Treatment.

Skin Peels Cheltenham

Skin Peels

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We have a range of medical grade superficial and medium skin peels- from glycolic, to mandeleic, lactic, jessner – we will bespoke the correct peel for your skin needs. Peels are great to get smoother, brighter, and rejuvenated skin. All peels include assessments and LED light therapy. Book A Treatment.

Microneedly Facials

Microneedling Advanced With LED

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Microneedling with superior medical grade mesotherapy cocktails bespoke for your skin. May also include growth factors, which are the future of skin products in terms of results. This also includes LED red or blue light therapy. Book A Treatment.


Non-Surgical Facelift & Radiofrequency

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The ultimate radiofrequency face lift uses state-of-the-art Viora device to lift and sculpt face, includes enzyme peel for super brightening, plus medical HA deep hydrate mask whilst under red light, to further add to skin plump and boost. Crème de la crème anti-ageing skin treatment. Book A Treatment.

Advert Stem Cell Skin Care Gloucestershire

NEW – Exosome Treatments

NEW exosome – stem cell therapy! EXOSOMES bring back re-newed healthy skin by increasing collagen by 600% and 300% more elastin . Brand new super futuristic skin treatment, alleviates the need for botox and fillers. Book A Treatment.

Consultation at Skin Clinic


Half an hour face to face to assess your skin needs, your issues, your skin regime and a programme of treatment or specific treatment. Book A Treatment.

Acne Scaring

Scar Treatments

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Tixel is the gold standard treatment for acne scars and scars generally. Book A Treatment.

Viora IPL Treatments

Red Vein Removal & Rosacea Treatment

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We have the latest device for quick and effective removal/reduction for spider veins, vascular lesion, fine red veins and Rosacea. Effective clearance is also for farmers flush, which is ruddy cheeks or vascular flush. All areas have to be assessed and patch tested prior to treatment. Book A Treatment.

IPL Skin Rejuvination

IPL Skin Rejuvenation

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Using VIORA MED award winning Medical IPL – we rejuvenate whole face, this creates clarity on skin, reduces/removes and veins or brown spots and renews skin collagen ; it gives a radiance and new youthful bloom onto skin. Book A Treatment.

Hair Removal

Hair Removal

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Super Fast Hair Removal, in clinical trials this device is proven to be as fast if not faster than many lasers. Book A Treatment.

Hands Treatment

Hands Treatment

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Anti-Ageing hands treatment, using both IPL for brown spots and then Radiofrequency skin tightening. Book A Treatment.

Viora IPL Treatments

Pigmentation & Sunspots

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We use the latest IPL device to zap away those sunspots, pigmentation, age spots on face , hands or anywhere they have appeared. consult and patch tests required for 1st treatment – price varies depending how big and how many areas are to be treated. Book A Treatment.

Microdermabrasion Skin Clinic


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Award winning medical diamond microdermabrasion with cleanse, massage and options of various light fruit peels which are included in the price or anything else to personalise it for you. Diamond microdermbrasion vacuum all debris out of skin and polishes for the ultra exfoliation. Leaves skin squeaky clean and detoxed. Book A Treatment.


Red or Blue LED Light Therapy

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Red Light Therapy skin Rejuvenation. Using medical grade LED canopy of red or blue light, to give skin a cellular workout, skin is rejuvenated , manifesting in newly worked out plumper skin . We use the most advanced powerful hospital grade medical device – its +super powerful with many more diodes than competitor machines = better results. Book A Treatment.

Hair Loss

Hair Restoration

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This treatment works for thinning hair, but will not work where there is no follicle left . Usually a course of 6-10 treatments required. Excellent results on thinning hair and hair loss. For maintenance on going recommend the purchase of red light cap, which available through me directly or order. Book A Treatment.


Pain Relief & Energy Boost

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Combining InterX neuro stimulation and FlexBeam red light therapy to revive , relax and deeply destress. clinically proven to help aches, pains, and also to help with sleep , a deep relaxing overall holistic therapy. Using science and clinically proven devices and therapy to really destress body and mind. Book A Treatment.

Pain Relief

InterX Pain Relief

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Neuro electrical pain relief , for all pain in body. This treatment really works and is a way of kick starting your own body to self heal, treats the cause of pain not just the symptom. Book A Treatment.

Brows & Lashes

Brows & Lashes

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Our clinic also does brow shape and tint, brow tint, lash tint and brow shape. Book A Treatment.

Cheltenham Skin Clinic Reviews

Treatment Review

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ The best facial I have EVER had worldwide! Sonia is an absolute maestro at what she does. I could not recommend her enough! As someone who has struggled to find suitable Medi-spa facials for my skin for years. Especially finding someone who is confident with darker skin – I was so pleased to find Sonia while travelling back to the UK from overseas.

When I had my first treatment, Sonia made me feel so at ease and knew exactly what my skin needed with one glimpse; she recommended a Bespoke Medi Facial and WOW! We did a diamond microdermabrasion facial, then a 5% Salicylic acid peel, followed by a 25% Vitamin C mask and LED. I have been getting compliments all week from all my friends and family. My skin has never looked so good. I don’t even need to wear makeup! I have recommended her to everyone I have met. They’ve all commented on how glowing my skin looks.

Kei Mangaroo


⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Just had the most incredible facial with Sonia. I’ve neglected myself for ages and wanted to wake up my tired, dull face. I’ve emerged 1.5 hours later with a glowing, dewy, lifted face. Never thought a facial could do this, just thought it felt nice! I feel 5 years younger and can’t wait to see how my make up glides over my glass-like skin tomorrow. She’s lovely too and really knows her stuff. Highly recommend. I’ve been in the beauty industry for 20yrs and use lots of fab products, but my skin has never looked this good. Nicky In The Cotswolds

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Tixel Review

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Sonia facials and treatments are so different and tailored to the individual the products she uses are of the highest quality also her equipment is the best on the market she has the latest tixel machine which helps with fine line smokers upper lip line sun damage what an amazing machine. Most of her facials are finished with red light therapy, which for me is the icing on the cake. I have tried almost all her treatments and could not say one is better than the other. They are all amazing. My skin is still glowing weeks later. If you feel you are just fed up with the same average facial, go to Sonia for the unique experience and you would go nowhere else. Her treatments are truly amazing. If I could give her 10 stars, I would. Ellen in Gloucestershire.

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Skin Clinic Review

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ I put my face and trust in Sonia for a luxury facial. I had an infusion of vitamins and red light, plus some red light therapy and other serums. The facial was amazing, and the results were wonderful. Thank you for giving me back my sparkle and confidence. Just wonderful.

Karen Teague in Cheltenham

Specialist Treatment Review

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Had my first facial with Sonia tonight. In the midst of Lockdown 2.0, she could not have been friendlier or more professional. Working in the NHS at the moment, my skin is not happy, maskne is a genuine issue. Sonia was so helpful in discussing options and knew exactly what would help my skin. It already feels smoother, happier, and glowing!

Kate Moores Cheltenham
Kei MangarooKei Mangaroo
07:59 28 Sep 23
The best facial I have EVER had worldwide! Sonia is an absolute Maestro at what she does, I could not recommend her enough!As someone who has struggled to find suitable medispa facials for my skin for years - especially finding someone who is confident with darker skin - I was so pleased to find Sonia while travelling back to the UK from overseas.When I had my first treatment Sonia made me feel so at ease and knew exactly what my skin needed with one glimpse; she recommended a Bespoke Medi Facial and WOW! We did a diamond microdermabrasion facial then a 5% Salicylic acid peel, followed by a 25% Vit C mask and LED. I have been getting compliments all week from all my friends and family, my skin has never looked so good, I don't even need to wear makeup! I have recommended her to everyone I have met, they've all commented on how glowing my skin looks.Sonia thank you so much! coming from Harley Street she knows exactly what she is doing and has the highest grade machines and products, everything is immaculate and she is extremely knowledgeable about all skin types.Since my first Bespoke facial, I have been back to see her twice, once for LED, for a mini peel with LED and another Vit C mask (I travelled all the way from the other end of the country specifically to see her!) and we plan on doing an Celebrity Oxygen facial before I catch my next flight!I don't know what i'm going to do without her expertise and second to none facials when I go back overseas as no one has ever compared or been so thorough with my skin thus far!Thank you,Kei x
ramandeep kaurramandeep kaur
19:27 17 Sep 23
I have had a brilliant experience being treated by Sonia. She is incredibly knowledgeable and makes me feel at ease. She took time to properly discuss with me what result I was hoping for which meant the final result was exactly what I wanted. I feel incredibly safe in her hands. Additionally, sonia is very nice and easy to chat to which makes the process far more pleasant. I cannot imagine going to anyone else now and would highly recommend .
Su MclaughlinSu Mclaughlin
12:58 14 Sep 23
Warm welcome. Professional assessment of my needs. Very pleasing results. Thank you Sonia. See you again soon.
Debra KeelingDebra Keeling
17:08 11 Sep 23
Visited Sonia for the first time last week, it won’t be the last. I instantly knew I was in safe hands. Sonia shared her extensive knowledge and expertise in a kind, gentle manner. The facial was wonderful and I am looking forward to my next visit. Thank you
Claire MoorcraftClaire Moorcraft
14:36 16 Aug 23
very knowledgable with cutting edge technologies with proper clinical data behind them, good recommendations on skincare.
Jenne LouwJenne Louw
15:47 18 May 23
I had the most incredible facial with Sonia, which was tailored to my skin’s specific needs. I enjoyed 90 minutes of complete bliss, while Sonia treated me and my skin felt completely revived afterwards - it was glowing! Sonia is very knowledgable, her room is extremely clean and she is really lovely. I will be back and I highly recommend!
Clare PClare P
15:51 07 Apr 23
Sonia is amazing - a must-visit for any skin type!I decided to visit Sonia based on her reviews, following a lot of research in the area. And her bespoke service absolutely lives up to what everyone says!I went in for my first visit having requested a certain type of facial, but Sonia quickly analysed my skin and recommended we focus on something else entirely - which on that occasion was actually a cheaper treatment, although lasting the same amount of time.This was a first for me because I have been to several people offering facial and aesthetics services but none of them properly listened to me or understood my tricky skin type.I instantly trusted Sonia from the start, which is rare for me. Now, a few months on, I wouldn't dream of going elsewhere.Whether it's facials, Tixel, light therapy or any other number of services Sonia offers, I would not hesitate to recommend. Sonia loves what she does, cares about your skin, and most importantly, is a genuine expert.
Karen MahonKaren Mahon
22:10 14 Mar 23
I went to see Sonia for advice on my eyes . Very heavy eyelids and wrinkles around eyes ,consultation was very clear and Sonia put me at ease with great advice on which treatment would benefit me the most . The treatment room is so clean, fresh very professional so I booked a course of 3 Tixel eye treatment, absolutely amazing after just one treatment. I have had such good results my friends and family have been amazed how well i look and my face just looks fresh and healthy. Can not wait for my next treatment. Would highly recommend .
Sarah NicollSarah Nicoll
17:03 31 Jan 23
Sonia’s bespoke facials are in a class of their own, you will not get anything like it anywhere else. I had a microdermabrasion with mild peel and light therapy, with the most amazing facial massage. It was so relaxing and has left my skin glowing and beautifully hydrated. Thank you Sonia
Daniella LeeDaniella Lee
13:23 11 Dec 22
Recently I had my first experience with Sonia’s treatments. I was in desperate need of help with my severely dehydrated skin and showing signs of aging. After just one session and some amazing advice on what products to use my skin has never felt or looked so good. I can not wait to go go back for future treatments and watch the health of my skin look amazing.
Robyn DewhurstRobyn Dewhurst
10:16 18 Sep 22
I went to Sonia as I was really struggling with break outs, from the moment I met her I felt completely comfortable. I had an acid peel followed by light therapy, Sonia explained everything as she was doing it. She doesn’t push you into buying things but gives very good recommendations. I was so pleased with how my skin looked even after just the one treatment !! I can’t wait to go back for my next treatment ????
Clare EvansClare Evans
14:19 30 Jul 22
I’ve had 2 tixel treatments now with Sonia and I have had numerous compliments from my girlfriends saying how bright and youthful my skin looks. It makes a huge difference, reducing fine lines, giving my skin luminosity.I’ve also had the intraceutical oxygen facial a few times after my tixel to give me a luxurious rehydration and glow! I love them, my skin looks amazing after.Hugely recommend both with Sonia and at a great price!
victoria gaddvictoria gadd
16:13 02 Jul 22
I've been seeing Sonia for the past two years. I've had Tixel twice and it speaks for itself by the comments I constantly recceive about my skin and one recently said: You get younger! I'm convinced that's down to Tixel. I've also had facials and ugh... sublime! Sonia has a magic touch. It's such an experience and skin looks plumper, brighter and clearer - even the residual scarring from recent cold sores above lips were significantly improved. In fact they were barely visible after the recent facial. I've had pain treatment with InterX (? spelling) following car accident leaving me with whiplash. It's like nothing else I've experienced. Wonderful! I had physio last time I was shunted in the rear and had whiplash and honestly it did very little if anything to alleviate the pain and help healing. InterX was amazing and fingers crossed the pain has gone and not returned 1 year later - and that was not the case with the previous whiplash. It nagged on and kept returning after every gardening episode despite physio and expensive osteopath treatment. All gone now and I can only attribute that to the treatment from Sonia with InterX. Her knowledge and experience of the beauty industry and the high quality products she uses - I can't speak highly enough ...and very professional.
Ali WeaverAli Weaver
19:19 22 Nov 21
I had a tixel eye treatment with Sonia and I simply can’t believe how well it works, amazing results! Sonia is so knowledgeable and was happy to talk through all my options. I would highly recommend her to anyone.

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