Sonia Norman

Top tips for keeping skin young

Top tips from Sonia Norman for keeping ageing at bay are :

Use SPF 50 or 30 every single day.  I love Glo natural factor 50 for face, a non-chemical product. Also, Clinicare SPF 50 lasts 13 hours with just one application.

Next tip is thorough cleansing at night, it can be easy to NOT do this, otherwise, skin cannot breathe, pores can block & skin can appear sluggish.

Exfoliate once a week only . I like to use AHA’s for this .

A good moisturiser for face & neck should be twice daily .

Serums that are really great are ones that contain high a % vitamin C, & ingredients like niacinamide vitamin B5 & retinol. 

I also love peptides & growth factors that really help keep skin rejuvenating, & youthful. 

A good facial massage will also help, you can do this yourself with a rose skin oil. I sometimes do this late at night before bed, once make up removed. 

I hope you like these skin tips !