Sonia Norman


Skin Rejuvenation

Skin ageing and how to reverse it. Pre-maturely aged skin is a thing I see a lot in my Cheltenham clinic, and usually is caused by sun damage and smoking or indeed both. When people think of an aged skin, we can imagine leathery texture deep wrinkles, not just around the eyes but “smokers” lines …

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As our face ages we lose fat, and collagen production slows and the framework of our faces slackens like a hammock in our face structure. At one time surgery was the only thing to lift the face, but now we have Radio frequency and HIFU all which can help hugely. At Cheltenham facials and therapies …

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Non-surgical face lift

Sonia Norman in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire offers a full non-surgical face lift to clients requiring help. What is a non-surgical face lift? Well it can be all sorts of things, it can be what they call a liquid face lift, which is using a combination of Botox and filler injections. It can be a thread lift, …

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