Sonia Norman

New Treatments

We offer ULTRAFORMA HIFU the ultimate in non surgical face lifting. Great for lower face and jowls, body areas like tops of arms.

HI-FU high intensity focussed ultrasound, is non-invasive and heats the skin tissues at different depths. Over time the face will look fresher, and lifted. More info…

There are many Hi-Fu systems in the UK but the Ultraforma Hi-Fu has clinical studies, FDA approval and known for its’ industry Gold standard in results.

The 2 Event days to come in and have HI FU are in September, please contact for dates and special launch offers or if you are interested in booking a HI-FU non surgical face lift treatment.

The Hi-FU Treatment is conducted by Jayne Bayliss one of the leading expert practitioners in the UK who has been doing HI-FU for over 7 years.

Hair Growth Treatments.

If you are suffering with distressing hair loss, we now offer a programme of treatment to restore hair growth, for Men and Women.

See our page on Hair Growth treatments.

InterX Pain relief Treatments.

Amazing clinically approved pain relief treatments, see our page