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Medi – Facials & Hero skincare products

What is the difference between a medi-facial and a normal beauty salon facial ?

Medi facials are unique for several reasons. Firstly they use far superior more expensive ingredients, they are called a cosmeceutical  & are of medical grade. The medical-grade cosmeceutical that a facialist skin expert would use, carry up to 40-50% active ingredients.

These are the hero ingredients that are clinically proven to actually do something in the skin.

Things like niacinamide, vitamin C, retinol, EGF ‘s growth factors, ceramides & peptides.
They will be formulated differently too so that this high % of goodies actually are delivered to the skin properly.

Many cheap or not too great products may say vitamin c cream, when in reality there is only 2% vitamin c in it, & formulated in a thick cream so it cannot actually travel to where it’s needed.

Cosmeceuticals are much more effective & often have state of the art technology & are clinically proven.

Not only are Medi-Facials using excellent products but they will often be combined with various medical aesthetics devices. Lasers, IPL, radiofrequency, skin resurfacing, micro-needling, & skin peels.

Most Medi-Facials are created using a careful selection combination of products & devices. It goes without saying that the aesthetician will have years of knowledge, training & experience in carrying out these treatments.

At Cheltenham Facials & Therapies Sonia Norman has over 18 years working in medical aesthetics, is a facialist & an industry trainer.