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InterX Pain Relief

If you suffer with any form of pain, consider an Interx treatment at my Cheltenham clinic.

What Is InterX Pain Relief?

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lnterX™ is a safe and effective treatment for adults and children. It is safe because the stimulation is very precise, at the exact place, with optimal intensity and time-dosed without ever over-stimulation. They have proven remarkable results with peer-reviewed studies and it is in use by many hospitals, pain clinics and sports organisations worldwide.

The Russian space programme designed this therapy to keep astronauts in peak health. Non-drug relief space-age therapy at your fingertips. lnterX™ therapy is non-invasive interactive neuro stimulation. It is a medical technology for treating pain, injuries, and promotes natural healing.

The Treatment

The course is often 6 treatments but can be less, depending on the injury. Treatments need to be close to each other.

The lnterX™ is applied to the skin, typically to the site of pain. (I often apply it along the spinal column to stimulate nerves.) The sensation is a comfortable prickle. Typically, pain lessens directly after treatment, although there may be some residual pain. The full effect is expected over the following 2 days (see pain before and after guide) Often because of stimulating the central nervous system you may feel sleepy. Tiredness and more sleep is a good sign: it allows the body to rest and heal. The patient must watch changes in the body and notice the changing pain levels.

Often after treatment pain localises in the area where the lnterX™ should be applied next.

interx pain relief Gloucestershire

What are the benefits?

  • Non-drug pain relief
  • Non-invasive application
  • Comfortable treatment
  • Effective and remarkable results

How does it work?

They base the technology on the ancient Tibetan tapping technique, but instead of tapping with fingers, it uses electrical pulses. The lnterX™ uses communication via the brain and nerve pathways to jump start the body to heal itself naturally. lnterX™ therapy promotes your own body’s natural healing process and provides pain relief naturally, with no side effects.

What conditions can it help with?

  • Acute injury
  • Sports injury
  • Post-operative pain
  • Chronic long-term pain
  • Muscular and skeletal injuries
  • Back, neck, shoulder & joint pain
  • Arthritis, fibromyalgia, IBS, sciatica
  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Gout
  • And many more.


The price per InterX treatment at my Cheltenham clinic is £50. Either call me on 07813609998 or use my Contact Form to find out more about pain relief.


Danny Cipriani Ankle Injury

In May 2008, the rugby world watched in dismay as Wasps and England star Danny Cipriani suffered a horrific fracture and dislocation of his right ankle in a game against Bath. As they stretchered him off the pitch and fans watched repeatedly the replay of the injury, fans and coaches agreed it would be a long road to recovery for Danny.

However, just four months and 13 days later, Danny started as fly half in the game against Bath six weeks early. “Quite incredible” is how one executive at Wasps described Danny’s early comeback. His rehabilitation program took dedication and the support and careful management of his recovery by the Wasps medical team. This program included InterX, the latest in advanced rehabilitation technology used by sports professionals around the world.

The clinically proven effects of InterX treatment in reducing pain and inflammation help to facilitate a quicker return to active rehabilitation and training. “I used my InterX device pretty much from day one,” said Danny. “My number one priority was to get back in the game as soon as possible and it helped me to do exactly that.”

Hamstring Injury

This is not the first time that InterX has played its part in the game. In the 2007 World Cup, England Senior Physio Phil Pask spoke of how treatment with InterX, together with other manual therapy techniques, helped to speed up Jason Robinson’s recovery from a Grade 2 hamstring tear, enabling him to play in the World Cup Quarter Final just 23 days after his injury.

At the Wasps home ground, the players are familiar with InterX. “We are committed to providing our guys with the very best in rehabilitation,” says Prav Methema, Wasps Physio. “InterX is an important part of that program and has provided excellent results across a range of injuries. If we can get players in less pain and with less inflammation, then their active rehabilitation will be faster and more effective. InterX gives us those options.”

InterX Testimonials

Sonia provides a very professional service, the treatment received is explained throughly, so I was in no doubt what she was trying to achieve. For anyone in pain or who has had a stroke, I would fully recommend a course of treatment from Sonia.

Keith in Gloucestershire

Feeling blessed! I went to see Sonia, very sceptical about this kind of treatment. However, I’m totally over the moon. I went in with quite bad Sciatica and after only 2 sessions I feel like a new man. Couldn’t believe how effective the treatment was and how well looked after I was. Highly recommend Sonia and her business.

Jarret in Gloucester

“I was sceptical about the treatment at first. I was always popping painkillers for my lower back, was in agony in the mornings, mobility was hopeless, pain was disabling and an 8/10. This was every day for the last 4 years. Since one course of treatments, I no longer notice any pain at all. It has made a significant difference. It definitely works”

Mr Andy K

“My pain levels before treatment were crippling – definitely at a 10. I could barely move, sit or stand. Nothing would ease the pain. I was sceptical about how effective a 20 minute treatment would be, but I had nothing to lose. 20 minutes later, I was almost pain free. I could still feel a weakness in my lower back, but the pain had almost gone. After a course of 6 treatments over the next few weeks, I felt as good as new. I have recommended this treatment to many of my friends. It’s revolutionary.“

Simon Fry