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InterX Pain Relief & Wellness

If you suffer with any form of pain, consider an Interx treatment at my Cheltenham clinic. We also provide a FlexBeam treatment or combination of both treatments.

What Is InterX Pain Relief?

InterX Clinic

lnterX™ is a safe and effective treatment for adults and children. It is safe because the stimulation is very precise, at the exact place, with optimal intensity and time-dosed without ever over-stimulation. They have proven remarkable results with peer-reviewed studies and it is in use by many hospitals, pain clinics and sports organisations worldwide.

The Russian space programme designed this therapy to keep astronauts in peak health. Non-drug relief space-age therapy at your fingertips. lnterX™ therapy is non-invasive interactive neuro stimulation. It is a medical technology for treating pain, injuries, and promotes natural healing.

The InterX Treatment

The course is often 6 treatments but can be less, depending on the injury. Treatments need to be close to each other.

The lnterX™ is applied to the skin, typically to the site of pain. (We often apply it along the spinal column to stimulate nerves.) The sensation is a comfortable prickle. Typically, pain lessens directly after treatment, although there may be some residual pain. We expect the full effect over the following 2 days (see pain before and after guide) Often, because of stimulating the central nervous system, you may feel sleepy. Tiredness and more sleep is a good sign: it allows the body to rest and heal. The patient must watch changes in the body and notice the changing pain levels.

Often after treatment, pain localises in the area where the lnterX™ should be applied next.

interx pain relief Gloucestershire

What are the benefits?

  • Non-drug pain relief
  • Non-invasive application
  • Comfortable treatment
  • Effective and remarkable results

How does it work?

InterX Pain Treatment Cheltenham

They base the technology on the ancient Tibetan tapping technique, but instead of tapping with fingers, it uses electrical pulses. The lnterX™ uses communication via the brain and nerve pathways to jump start the body to heal itself naturally.

lnterX™ therapy promotes your own body’s natural healing process and provides pain relief naturally, with no side effects.

What conditions can it help with?

  • Acute injury
  • Sports injury
  • Post-operative pain
  • Chronic long-term pain
  • Muscular and skeletal injuries
  • Back, neck, shoulder & joint pain
  • Arthritis, fibromyalgia, IBS, sciatica
  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Gout
  • And many more.

FlexBeam Treatment

Flex Beam Treatments

In all my years working in health and fitness, I’ve found that it’s never just one thing that can be the answer to all our health-related problems or goals. But if there is one thing that can give us just the start we’ve been looking for, then that could be FlexBeam for you. This revolutionary recovery device is the answer a lot of us have been looking for in our search for a nonpharmaceutical, non-invasive solution to pain and recovery.

Flexbeam Gloucestershire

FlexBeam harnesses the power of red light technology in a way that hasn’t quite been done before. Here is a flexible device that, unlike any other red light therapy device in the market today, is designed for the human body. Making it far more effective with its ability to target the area in your body exactly where it hurts.For those of us who are new to red light therapy, there is a lot of science that has gone into developing this technology over the last 50+ years, and this has been documented in thousands of peer-reviewed studies.

Flex Beam Cheltenham

You can book a FlexBeam treatment at our Cheltenham clinic or a combination with InterX to suit your needs.

Interested in buying a Flexbeam?

Click on this link to claim your Flexbeam discount. This link will take you to Recharge website where you can get your own Flexbeam.

Product Benefits

Targeted Red Light Therapy is Designed to:


Increase blood flow and oxygenation. A powerful wearable device designed to reach deeply into the body and treat where it hurts.


Stimulate the cells to regenerate faster. Works directly where you need it, while also generating vital systemic effects for your entire body.


Boost energy for improved self-healing. Use it anytime, anywhere – in just 10 minutes! Perfect for
pre & post workout recovery.


Danny Cipriani Ankle Injury

In May 2008, the rugby world watched in dismay as Wasps and England star Danny Cipriani suffered a horrific fracture and dislocation of his right ankle in a game against Bath. As they stretchered him off the pitch and fans watched repeatedly the replay of the injury, fans and coaches agreed it would be a long road to recovery for Danny.

However, just four months and 13 days later, Danny started as fly half in the game against Bath six weeks early. “Quite incredible” is how one executive at Wasps described Danny’s early comeback. His rehabilitation program took dedication and the support and careful management of his recovery by the Wasps medical team. This program included InterX, the latest in advanced rehabilitation technology used by sports professionals around the world.

The clinically proven effects of InterX treatment in reducing pain and inflammation help to facilitate a quicker return to active rehabilitation and training. “I used my InterX device pretty much from day one,” said Danny. “My number one priority was to get back in the game as soon as possible and it helped me to do exactly that.”

Hamstring Injury

This is not the first time that InterX has played its part in the game. In the 2007 World Cup, England Senior Physio Phil Pask spoke of how treatment with InterX, together with other manual therapy techniques, helped to speed up Jason Robinson’s recovery from a Grade 2 hamstring tear, enabling him to play in the World Cup Quarter Final just 23 days after his injury.

At the Wasps home ground, the players are familiar with InterX. “We are committed to providing our guys with the very best in rehabilitation,” says Prav Methema, Wasps Physio. “InterX is an important part of that program and has provided excellent results across a range of injuries. If we can get players in less pain and with less inflammation, then their active rehabilitation will be faster and more effective. InterX gives us those options.”


⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Sonia provides a very professional service, the treatment received is explained thoroughly, so I was in no doubt what she was trying to achieve. For anyone in pain or who has had a stroke, I would fully recommend a course of treatment from Sonia.

Keith in Gloucestershire

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Feeling blessed! I went to see Sonia, very sceptical about this kind of treatment. However, I’m totally over the moon. I went in with quite bad Sciatica and after only 2 sessions I feel like a new man. Couldn’t believe how effective the treatment was and how well looked after I was. Highly recommend Sonia and her business.

Jarret in Gloucester

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “I was sceptical about the treatment at first. I was always popping painkillers for my lower back, was in agony in the mornings, mobility was hopeless, pain was disabling and an 8/10. This was every day for the last 4 years. Since one course of treatments, I no longer notice any pain at all. It has made a significant difference. It definitely works”

Mr Andy K

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “My pain levels before treatment were crippling – definitely at a 10. I could barely move, sit, or stand. Nothing would ease the pain. I was sceptical about how effective a 20 minute treatment would be, but I had nothing to lose. 20 minutes later, I was almost pain free. I could still feel a weakness in my lower back, but the pain had almost gone. After a course of 6 treatments over the next few weeks, I felt as good as new. I have recommended this treatment to many of my friends. It’s revolutionary.“

Simon Fry

Helen TuckerHelen Tucker
12:36 20 Apr 24
Fantastic treatment - low downtime and fast results. Sonia takes time to explain the treatments and how they might work for you - very knowledgeable and personable with it - thank you!
Marianne GastonMarianne Gaston
19:39 11 Mar 24
Very impressed with the treatment I have received. Can highly recommend Sonia.
Caroline van NiekerkCaroline van Niekerk
15:18 07 Mar 24
Great experience so far. I had the microneedling with exosomes, which was a tad painful, but overall I am healing well. I also did tixel for eyes and am yet to see the results, but it will take a few sessions. I am 40 years old and look forward to the results!
Michelle SalesMichelle Sales
15:39 16 Dec 23
First time I went to Sonia today. She explained everything I never knew about my skin and I was pleasantly surprised when she told me exactly what she thought I would benefit from. My treatment today was amazing Sonia explained everything she was doing. So pleased that I went to her. Next appointment already bookedThank you Sonia.x
Rebecca Creedy SmithRebecca Creedy Smith
15:57 10 Dec 23
Over the past 15 months I have had Tixel and micro needling with Exosomes with Sonia. I trust her implicitly. I have seen many facialists over the years and Sonia is easily one of the best. There has been a gradual and significant improvement in my skin under her care and I can't recommend her highly enough. I live an hour and a half away, so she must be good! I feel fortunate to have met somebody who I know will keep on top of any skin concerns and offer real results.
Abbi BrowningAbbi Browning
19:48 28 Nov 23
I have been going to Sonia for a while for Tixel to help with facial scarring. Sonia has been so lovely and knowledgeable and I have felt so comfortable going through the process with her. The Tixel have worked wonders and I’m so happy with the result. Sonia has been fantastic - would recommend her to anyone!
Eileen GeesonEileen Geeson
10:35 01 Nov 23
I have been going to see Sonia (despite the travelling time & mileage!) for some 2 - 3 years now intermittently and will continue to do so - she has a wonderfully calm & relaxing clinic. After my bespoke 90 minute facial with Sonia at the weekend I continue to enjoy the results - my skin is so much more relaxed, plumped and brighter - especially around the eyes and lips. Sonia is exceptionally experienced and knowledgeable and totally personalised my treatment to suit my skin as she assessed it on the day. She also gives good advice on products to use for best results. Time & money well spent & well worth it - thankyou Sonia. xx
Jan RomanJan Roman
12:05 14 Oct 23
Sonia is very professional at what she does. I’ve had an amazing facial, Love the products, Great find!Her relaxing space and caring attitude made me book 2nd facial with her next month. Sonia spends the time to get to know skin type and makes sure to customise the right facial for me. Thanks for making my skin look great!!!I will definitely be recommending her to my friends and family.
Kei MangarooKei Mangaroo
07:59 28 Sep 23
The best facial I have EVER had worldwide! Sonia is an absolute Maestro at what she does, I could not recommend her enough!As someone who has struggled to find suitable medispa facials for my skin for years - especially finding someone who is confident with darker skin - I was so pleased to find Sonia while travelling back to the UK from overseas.When I had my first treatment Sonia made me feel so at ease and knew exactly what my skin needed with one glimpse; she recommended a Bespoke Medi Facial and WOW! We did a diamond microdermabrasion facial then a 5% Salicylic acid peel, followed by a 25% Vit C mask and LED. I have been getting compliments all week from all my friends and family, my skin has never looked so good, I don't even need to wear makeup! I have recommended her to everyone I have met, they've all commented on how glowing my skin looks.Sonia thank you so much! coming from Harley Street she knows exactly what she is doing and has the highest grade machines and products, everything is immaculate and she is extremely knowledgeable about all skin types.Since my first Bespoke facial, I have been back to see her twice, once for LED, for a mini peel with LED and another Vit C mask (I travelled all the way from the other end of the country specifically to see her!) and we plan on doing an Celebrity Oxygen facial before I catch my next flight!I don't know what i'm going to do without her expertise and second to none facials when I go back overseas as no one has ever compared or been so thorough with my skin thus far!Thank you,Kei x
ramandeep kaurramandeep kaur
19:27 17 Sep 23
I have had a brilliant experience being treated by Sonia. She is incredibly knowledgeable and makes me feel at ease. She took time to properly discuss with me what result I was hoping for which meant the final result was exactly what I wanted. I feel incredibly safe in her hands. Additionally, sonia is very nice and easy to chat to which makes the process far more pleasant. I cannot imagine going to anyone else now and would highly recommend .
Su MclaughlinSu Mclaughlin
12:58 14 Sep 23
Warm welcome. Professional assessment of my needs. Very pleasing results. Thank you Sonia. See you again soon.
Debra KeelingDebra Keeling
17:08 11 Sep 23
Visited Sonia for the first time last week, it won’t be the last. I instantly knew I was in safe hands. Sonia shared her extensive knowledge and expertise in a kind, gentle manner. The facial was wonderful and I am looking forward to my next visit. Thank you
Claire MoorcraftClaire Moorcraft
14:36 16 Aug 23
very knowledgable with cutting edge technologies with proper clinical data behind them, good recommendations on skincare.
Jenne LouwJenne Louw
15:47 18 May 23
I had the most incredible facial with Sonia, which was tailored to my skin’s specific needs. I enjoyed 90 minutes of complete bliss, while Sonia treated me and my skin felt completely revived afterwards - it was glowing! Sonia is very knowledgable, her room is extremely clean and she is really lovely. I will be back and I highly recommend!
Clare PClare P
15:51 07 Apr 23
Sonia is amazing - a must-visit for any skin type!I decided to visit Sonia based on her reviews, following a lot of research in the area. And her bespoke service absolutely lives up to what everyone says!I went in for my first visit having requested a certain type of facial, but Sonia quickly analysed my skin and recommended we focus on something else entirely - which on that occasion was actually a cheaper treatment, although lasting the same amount of time.This was a first for me because I have been to several people offering facial and aesthetics services but none of them properly listened to me or understood my tricky skin type.I instantly trusted Sonia from the start, which is rare for me. Now, a few months on, I wouldn't dream of going elsewhere.Whether it's facials, Tixel, light therapy or any other number of services Sonia offers, I would not hesitate to recommend. Sonia loves what she does, cares about your skin, and most importantly, is a genuine expert.
Karen MahonKaren Mahon
22:10 14 Mar 23
I went to see Sonia for advice on my eyes . Very heavy eyelids and wrinkles around eyes ,consultation was very clear and Sonia put me at ease with great advice on which treatment would benefit me the most . The treatment room is so clean, fresh very professional so I booked a course of 3 Tixel eye treatment, absolutely amazing after just one treatment. I have had such good results my friends and family have been amazed how well i look and my face just looks fresh and healthy. Can not wait for my next treatment. Would highly recommend .
Sarah NicollSarah Nicoll
17:03 31 Jan 23
Sonia’s bespoke facials are in a class of their own, you will not get anything like it anywhere else. I had a microdermabrasion with mild peel and light therapy, with the most amazing facial massage. It was so relaxing and has left my skin glowing and beautifully hydrated. Thank you Sonia
Daniella LeeDaniella Lee
13:23 11 Dec 22
Recently I had my first experience with Sonia’s treatments. I was in desperate need of help with my severely dehydrated skin and showing signs of aging. After just one session and some amazing advice on what products to use my skin has never felt or looked so good. I can not wait to go go back for future treatments and watch the health of my skin look amazing.
Robyn DewhurstRobyn Dewhurst
10:16 18 Sep 22
I went to Sonia as I was really struggling with break outs, from the moment I met her I felt completely comfortable. I had an acid peel followed by light therapy, Sonia explained everything as she was doing it. She doesn’t push you into buying things but gives very good recommendations. I was so pleased with how my skin looked even after just the one treatment !! I can’t wait to go back for my next treatment ????
Clare EvansClare Evans
14:19 30 Jul 22
I’ve had 2 tixel treatments now with Sonia and I have had numerous compliments from my girlfriends saying how bright and youthful my skin looks. It makes a huge difference, reducing fine lines, giving my skin luminosity.I’ve also had the intraceutical oxygen facial a few times after my tixel to give me a luxurious rehydration and glow! I love them, my skin looks amazing after.Hugely recommend both with Sonia and at a great price!
victoria gaddvictoria gadd
16:13 02 Jul 22
I've been seeing Sonia for the past two years. I've had Tixel twice and it speaks for itself by the comments I constantly recceive about my skin and one recently said: You get younger! I'm convinced that's down to Tixel. I've also had facials and ugh... sublime! Sonia has a magic touch. It's such an experience and skin looks plumper, brighter and clearer - even the residual scarring from recent cold sores above lips were significantly improved. In fact they were barely visible after the recent facial. I've had pain treatment with InterX (? spelling) following car accident leaving me with whiplash. It's like nothing else I've experienced. Wonderful! I had physio last time I was shunted in the rear and had whiplash and honestly it did very little if anything to alleviate the pain and help healing. InterX was amazing and fingers crossed the pain has gone and not returned 1 year later - and that was not the case with the previous whiplash. It nagged on and kept returning after every gardening episode despite physio and expensive osteopath treatment. All gone now and I can only attribute that to the treatment from Sonia with InterX. Her knowledge and experience of the beauty industry and the high quality products she uses - I can't speak highly enough ...and very professional.
Ali WeaverAli Weaver
19:19 22 Nov 21
I had a tixel eye treatment with Sonia and I simply can’t believe how well it works, amazing results! Sonia is so knowledgeable and was happy to talk through all my options. I would highly recommend her to anyone.

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