Sonia Norman

Hair Loss Treatments

Are you suffering from Hair Loss?

Cheltenham Facials and Therapies specialise in offering a cutting edge programme of hair growth treatments for those affected by hair loss.

This is a 3 month clinically proven treatment regimen that delivers on results.

Hair Growth Treatments

Hair Growth Treatment courses consist of weekly LED light treatments, viviscal hair supplements & mesotherapy into the scalp. This is achieved with clinically proven products, containing Growth factors to stimulate new & thicker hair.

  • Clinically proven with science & results.
  • For hair that is thin or very scarce.
  • For men & women.

Treatment Results

See example below of one of our clients results, and her comments.


I’m very happy to recommend Sonia Norman to any male or female (adult or child) suffering with a thinning hair problem as her professional understanding of hair-loss is excellent.

I recall well the ‘before’ and ‘after’ pics which Sonia took of my head. Now I’m amazed how much my hair loss has been reversed, and remains in a good condition.

The treatment is totally non-intrusive, relaxing and IT WORKS!


All hair restoration treatments are based on a 3 month course of treatment. This requires a consultation to assess hair and suitability for treatment.

Please contact Sonia for a free consultation. I can help either over the phone, send us your pictures or visit the clinic for a consultation.