Eye treatments Cheltenham

I offer a variety of eye treatments at my Cheltenham skin clinic; I list details of the options available below. Our options include solutions for dark circles, dry eye disease. The treatments are also for tightening skin and smoothing wrinkles around the eyes. To find out more information, please call or message me using the contact form. You can also book a treatment using our Booking Form.

Tixel Eye Treatment

This treatment is ideal for ageing eyes, wrinkles, fine lines and loose skin.

We use this treatment for treating skin around eyes that has become lax, crepey, wrinkled and is losing or has lost elasticity. Tixel will tighten loose skin and the eye area will appear smoother, firmer and skin tighter. This treatment really is the only treatment on the market that works so well for close to the lash line, and results in some cases have replaced eye blephraplasty surgery. Tixel is safe, effective, and well tolerated. This is a very popular eye rejuvenating treatment and can take up to 5 years off skin eye age.

Please see our tixel page for more details on this procedure.

Price £250

Dark Circles Eye treatment

We use this treatment for helping lighten dark circles. We do this by using a special meso-therapy eye formula, which is also used as a tear trough filler. However, in this case no injectables or needles are used. Mezotixel makes tiny holes all around the eye, and the special active product is applied and gently rubbed in. This treatment is quick, safe and skin will lighten and hydrate. We are using Mezotixel, which is a very gentle drug delivery version of tixel. Perfect for delicate eye area.

Price £150

Radio frequency eye treatment

This treatment is ideal as a preventative, to delay ageing to the skin around the eye. It will tighten skin around the eye area and also help with puffy eye bags. This is using state-of-the-art Viora skin tightening radio frequency . For best results it is best to have a course 1 a week for 4 weeks and then maintain every 4-6 weeks. I follow this treatment with eye massage and eye hydration.

Price £50

Dry Eye Treatment

Do you suffer with dry eye disease? We have a new clinically proven treatment for this problem, using tixel. Clinical Studies have shown up to 90% improvement after just 1 treatment. Dry eye is a chronic condition and is caused by tear ducts, not working properly and not producing enough lubrication to the eye. This manifests in dry and gritty, uncomfortable feeling eyes. Previous treatment was drops. Revolutionary Tixel Dry Eye treatments have proven in medical clinical tests. After treatment eyes will feel much relieved. You may require more than one treatment.

Price £250