Sonia Norman
Brows & Lashes

Brows & Lashes

The perfect compliment to finish your face and lovely skin after a facial.

Having beautifully shaped brows are now a pre-requisite, and really help lift the brow area to give a frame and structure to the eye area.

I offer a brow tidy and shape which may involve waxing & tweezing odd hairs if needed. If you feel you need more definition and a more polished look then we would add some brow tint semi-permanent colour.
Colour can be mixed to get your perfect shade, though most people will choose to go a little darker than their natural hair shade.

As well as offering brow shaping and tints, we also do eyelash tinting in shades of black, or blue-black. Eyelash tints are perfect for those who already have good lashes, but the tips of the lash are naturally lighter.
Eyelash tinting gives the look of darker more fluttery lashes.

Lash tint and eyebrow tints last about 6 weeks.

Also available waxing for the facial area.


Brows & Lashes

  • Brow shape, tidy and tint £15.
  • Brow tint £10.
  • Lash tinting £15.
  • Brow shape only £10.
  • Lash Lift £35


  • Lip £5.
  • chin £5.
  • Brow shape £10.

Photo by Elza Shimpf on Unsplash