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Cheltenham Facials & therapies can treat and relieve problems with acne, related scars and spotty skin.


Acne or spotty skin is distressing for anyone but often is for teen skin. We get breakouts, spots, acne for a variety of reasons, sometimes being it can be product related, Sonia sees lots of skin that is greasy and spotty but also dry and flaky in places.

This can be typical of using the wrong products, the moisturisers used can be thick and oil-based, so cannot permeate through the cell membrane, causing blockages. Combined with a shop-bought facial wash for oily skins, this can often strip the skin too much, creating a skin in a state of flux, being both dried out and over oily.

Acne Before and After

Different types of acne include; pustular acne, where the spot is a pimple with a pus tip, or large solid lumps which are painful when touched (cystic lesions) black heads which are open blocked pores, or whiteheads.

Often a hormone imbalance causes acne.

Treatments available for Acne and spotty breakout skins

  • We have a range of specific chemical skin peels to help significantly reduce and clear skin.
  • We combine many peel with LED blue light, or BLUE and RED LED light therapy.
  • A specialised range of medical grade products, that are clinically proven to help with acne and congested skins, whilst allowing skin to still breathe and be hydrated.
  • On our skin clinic shop we have a foaming cleanser, a spot serum, and toner and special balancing moisturiser.
  • Tixel is the new gold standard treatment for skin resurfacing and helps in the reduction of acne scarring.

Acne scars treatments

Acne and acne scarring can cause huge distress to the sufferer, effecting self-esteem and confidence. A survey by the British skin foundation reported 40% of people with acne had reported bullying because of their skin condition.

Acne can be difficult to treat but there are some excellent treatments that work, some more serious complex cases may need the advice of a dermatologist. At Cheltenham facials skin clinic, we will always do a thorough consultation to assess what is best.

Why do we get acne scarring?

Acne scars are more likely to come if you pick and squeeze spots; they are often hard to treat, however there are some good options. Acne scarring manifests as spots from deep nodules and cysts that are inflamed.

Collagen can be deposited in the skin in such a way to cause uneven or lumpy skin surface, and it can damage skin cells which causes melanin to form, which then goes darker. Blood vessels can also become permanently dilated because of the skin trying to heal, inflammation and redness can occur.

Types of Acne Scars

Elevated scars- these are hypertrophic or keloid scars that have an excess of fibrous skin often found in some darker skin types.

These are 3 major categories;

  • Ice pick scars, they are narrow and pitted, hence the name.
  • Boxcar scars, these are wide depressions with sharp edges and can look a bit like small craters.
  • Rolling scars, these look undulated and sloping and softer.

Many sufferers can have mixtures of all three types.

Treating Acne Scars

There are many options for treating acne scars, from medical intervention like steroid injections, surgical treatments like subcision. This is where a needle is inserted to break up the tethering of the skin.

Microdermabrasion and chemical peels can over time or with a course of treatment really help with superficial scars. Laser therapies can also help, the most effective and most effective is tixel. Tixel is an ablative form of resurfacing, it is not a laser but is similar. It has much better healing and is the most advanced treatment on the market to treat acne scars.

The most successful outcome is to treat the acne with peels and light therapy, plus a regime of excellent home care specialised products. Once the active acne is much improved and calmer, we then address the scarring.

Tixel for Acne scars

Tixel Acne Scars

Tixel offers the most advanced skin resurfacing on the market to treat acne scars. It works by tiny pyramids of heat at 400 hundred degrees that touch the skin for literally micro-seconds, creating tiny injuries or micro-channels. Tixel creates a fast wound healing response. It helps to break up the fibrous tissue creating new collagen formation then forms new smoother skin.

For scarring, a course of treatments is usually required.

Acne Treatments

However, even the best products used alone are often not enough for treating acne and breakouts and getting clear skin. The correct products will help hugely, but it is best to treat the causes by unblocking the pores, treating the bacteria and reducing the excess sebum production.

That is done most effectively with the treatments of skin peels, glycolic acid home use, and also blue LED light therapy which kills the bacteria. Combination therapy!

One of my go-to fixes for spotty greasy skins is the Cerepharma Salicylic peel, which really clarifies the spots by deep cleansing and unblocking the pores

As far as treatments go, sebaceous glands become blocked with excess sebum, whilst bacteria forms in the pores, gets trapped and more spots appear so it becomes a vicious circle. So a great treatment that is always amazing on clearing breakouts is the salicylic acid skin peel as it is very effective at deep cleaning by dissolving the plugged pores and exfoliating away the dead skin cells, the acid is anti inflammatory and helps regulate further breakouts. I see even better results with combination treatments.

Light Therapy

Acne Products

My lovely client Jasmin is pleased with her now unblemished skin. All thanks to Clarifort skin products & skin peels.

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At Cheltenham facials we have many happy clients, please see our reviews for acne clearance.

Jasmin Acne reviews

I first discovered Sonia back in February of this year when she was recommended by a close family friend. I was really struggling with scarring, breakouts and blemishes on my skin and had been battling with them for years. Having tried every product and treatment out there, but nothing seemed to work!

When I first booked an appointment and met with Sonia we sat in her lovely therapy room and discussed what was going on with my skin and why I was having reoccurring breakouts. Sonia explained everything really clearly and really helped me understand the science behind it all. At that moment we agreed to try a skin peel treatment on my face and Sonia explained the process before and as we went along. I can honestly say that the treatment was very much worth it! I started seeing a difference in my skin within the first couple of weeks. My skin looked more evenly toned, the blemishes had reduced and my complexion was looking a lot clearer. It wasn’t long before friends were noticing and starting to compliment how improved my skin looked which was a massive confidence boost!

Full Review…

I’ve suffered, with hormonal Acne for years, I went to Sonia and she advised me what treatment was best for me and my skin has improved massively just after one treatment, can’t wait for my next facial, I would highly recommend, I’m only Sorry I didn’t go to Sonia sooner. Danielle

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